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These products are for pick up only and there are no refunds or exchanges.

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These classic frosted singing bowls are made of 99.9% crystal quartz and are of the highest quality you will find.  I accept special orders for size and pitch and can ship right to your door within the US.  Each bowl purchased includes a suede wand and O-ring.  if you visit my practice, I have many in stock for you to try.  

Keep in mind that most bowls you order online will not be perfect pitch bowls.  Perfect pitch bowls must be requested in your order and typically have an additional cost.  

Sizes can range from 7" to 24" in diameter.  Feel secure in knowing that whichever size you choose, your precious bowl will arrive in the most secure and protective packaging.  All shipping includes insurance.  Because of energetic imprint, there are no refunds or exchanges.  All sales are final.

Crystal Singing Bowl Sets are also available.  Contact me directly for more information.  


Optimal Skin Care

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I use the highest quality Organic, Wild-Crafted, and chemical-free skin care products developed by Annmarie Gianni in all of my facial services and in my personal skin care routine.  If you would like to purchase or sample these products I have them available at the Wellsprings Wellness Center location upon request.  If you've never used them before, you are in for a treat!  Pick your favorite formulas to:

  • Nourish your skin with organic and wild-crafted herbs and botanicals
  • Plump up lines and wrinkles and reduce inflammation
  • Repair cell damage and lighten hyper-pigmentation
  • Hydrate parched and mature skin
  • Cater to sensitive conditions like rosacea, psoriasis and eczema
  • Balance oil production and reduce acne

I also highly recommend using them to speed up your recovery process from medical peels, laser treatments, and microdermabrasion.  


Available Crystal Bowls:
Root Chakra        C 
Sacral Chakra     D 
Solar Plexus        E
Heart Chakra       F 
Throat Chakra     G
3rd Eye                 A 
Crown Chakra      B

*Please request perfect pitch bowls in your order.  Most bowls run sharp.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Recorded and mixed at Divasonic Studios in Long Beach, CA
Vocals, crystal singing bowls & rattle by Lesley Almer
Drumming & other acoustic accoutrements by Lynda Arnold
Cover Photo by Lesley Almer & Greg Rakozy

An Extensive Guide For Natural Practitioners 

​BBOB & I  

(AKA Big Beautiful Oscillating Bowl)

 First Impressions
Avoid Becoming a Discount Business
Ways To Market Yourself​
How To Maintain Healthy Boundaries
Protect Yourself & Your Space
​Contracts & Agreements
How To Work With A Variety Of Personalities
How To Cope With Difficult Clients
Receiving Bad Feedback
Sexuality In The Workplace
Becoming a Heart-centered Employer​​

Immerse yourself into the realms of the lower world where the beat of the drum, animals spirits, singing crystals, and sacred sounds will awaken your connection with your Shaman teacher.