"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe."  

-Nikola Tesla

​I am very excited to announce that I am now working with tuning forks in my practice!  I understand quite a few of you may have questions about them and I've listed some basic questions and answers below.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me!

What are tuning forks?

Since the early 1970's, tuning forks have been used to calibrate radar guns, used by chiropractors and doctors to detect bone fractures, by individuals and yoga practitioners to assist with their meditation, and by natural healing practitioners to calm the nervous system, enhance the function of all organs, and balance overall well-being and energies. 

What are the benefits to receiving a tuning fork session?

Studies have shown that Nitric Acid (NO) is a signaling molecule that can be activated by music, and in this case, tuning forks.  Nitric Oxide is fundamental to all life and is one of the smallest molecules that consists of one nitrogen and one oxygen atom.  When it's released, usually in cycles every 6 minutes, it relaxes our cells, boosts our immune system, and works closely to our autonomic nervous system.  This gas molecule also helps with the endothelial linings of blood vessels that network all throughout our entire body.

Researchers are currently collecting data to see if compromised Nitric Oxide development can be linked to Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia.

Other benefits in working with the tuning forks are:

  • More solid sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • ​Reduced inflammation
  • Less aches and pains
  • A feeling of clarity and being grounded

What does a tuning fork session entail?

There is a brief consultation and an intention is set to reinforce our purpose before we begin.  You will be fully-clothed during this session and lay face up in supine position on the table.  Pillows and blankets are used to help relax joints and allow you to let go of the day.  One or more tuning forks are hit on an activator to create the frequency and then held in various positions or passed over your body to direct the tone.  I may work with chakra energies, meridians, or focus in on your specific concerns.  This process may be enhanced with the use of my voice to tone with the frequencies.

This session is very relaxing and can easily slow down your brain waves, changing your states of consciousness.  For some, results may feel subtle, however there are long lasting effects that come into play as the body assimilates the new frequencies.  Any discomfort with any specific frequencies should be noted and discussed with me so that we can create a toning formula that puts you at ease.

I offer two services for tuning forks:

30 minutes of tuning  $45

​45 minutes of tuning  $60

This service can be experienced on its own or added onto any of my services like Therapeutic Massage or Organic Facials.  Tuning forks are non-invasive tools that complement alternative modalities rather well, and can be used as often as needed.

What frequencies do you use?

​The set of tuning forks I use is called the Solfeggio Scale.  This relates to the ancient musical scale of Do (Ut), Re, Mi, Fa, So (Sol), La, Ti (Si) and ranges from 174 hz (hertz) to 963 hz.  Each frequency numerically adds up to either 3, 6, or 9, for example:

174 hz = 1+7+4=3       or      963 hz = 9+6+3=9

​Through research, I've discovered that each of the 9 tuning forks in this set influences certain aspects of our well-being.  Not all information is consistent so this may contradict with other resources:

174 hz:    "Reducing Pain"

​285 hz:   "Influencing Energy Fields"

396 hz:   "Turning Grief into Joy"

​417 hz:    "Facilitating Change"

528 hz:   "DNA Repair/Transformation"

639 hz:   "Re-connecting Relationships"

741 hz:    "Solving Problems"

852 hz:   "Returning to Spiritual Order"

963 hz:   "Awaken Perfect State"

Regardless of your current state, I highly recommend you try a tuning fork session with me and experience this wonderful tool of sound healing! 


Beaulieu, John.  Human Tuning:  Sound Healing with Tuning Forks.  High Falls, NY: BioSonic Enterprises, Ltd., 2010.


Remote Private Crystal Sound Bath

My Journey with the Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

Welcome to the world of Sacred Sound!  In Ancient Greece, Apollo was the God of music and medicine.  The tradition of using sound to heal has been constant from earliest recording of history through today.  As you reflect on your own life, think of the moments you have been powerfully impacted by music and sound.

​My crystal singing bowls are made of 99.9% crystal quartz which is a highly advanced mineral.  It's not only in your body and the earth, but also used in your devices like cell phones, computers, and other communication technology as well as water filters for its purifying properties.  The quartz crystal is an oscillator and turns sound into light without any influence from other technology.  This process is known by the term Crystallo-luminescence and is discussed further in Jonathan Goldman's book, Healing Sounds; The Power of Harmonics.  

Though the singing bowl concept for sound therapy is quite ancient, the crystal singing bowls weren't introduced until the early 1990’s.  They are a relatively new addition to the sound healing community.  With completely unique sound and vibrational qualities, they connect with your body on many levels: balancing your energy centers and channels, inspiring creativity, cleansing, purifying, and unlocking subconscious knowledge and intuition.  

Each crystal singing bowl is carefully created to play one musical note.  Each particular note has a deep connection that influences the correlating chakra or energy center in your body.  My crystal sound baths are based on balancing the seven main chakras, although the energy goes where it's most needed, without my direction.  This may be other chakras or even nadis, which are energy channels.  The opening of energetic centers is a part of our evolution on a globular scale.  The musical scale is as follows:

Root Chakra Bowl:  C

Sacral Chakra Bowl:  D

Solar Plexus Bowl:  E 

Heart Chakra Bowl:  F

Throat Chakra Bowl:  G

Third Eye Bowl:  A

​Crown Chakra Bowl:  B

The bowls are played by hitting their edge with a striker and the note is carried by following the edge in a circular movement.  There are many ways to play the crystal singing bowl and my preference is to play in a clock-wise direction, even if I play two bowls at once.  

I am a self-educated, intuitive sound healer.  Since 2012, I have been holding private and group crystal sound baths in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Each sound bath gives birth to it’s own unique energy based on the synergy of all in attendance.  As I play my crystal quartz bowls, I tune into a higher vibration of love and guidance.  I channel ancient sounds to accompany the bowls in the form of chanting, speaking, and singing.  All experiences during my crystal sound baths are unique and attune to your own healing path.  No two meditations are alike, even if the intention might be.         

Most feedback I receive from my participants is that they are at a loss for words about what happened.  They may have difficulty describing their profound experience and yet feel fully recharged and vibrating.  One participant by the name of Lisa said, "I have told several people about your class and how cool I thought it was and very different from any I have experienced here.  I felt like I had a complete 'brain massage' afterwards and even thought our skin had a glow to it."   And yet with each meditation I host, I become child-like in nature because I feel in awe with each individual's unique experience.  I, too, become affected by these vibrational baths and feel a constant nourishment of energy where I need it most.   

My passion and love of crystal singing bowls began after one meditation at a women's circle.  We met in the living room at a friend's house and her son had four breath-taking crystal singing bowls displayed on the floor.  We found our places to stretch out and relax; ready to let go and listen.  I had no idea what to expect.  The little skeptic in me said, "Bowls that sing?  How does that work?"

He began to play and I could feel a physical vibration pulsate throughout my body.  It was something I had never experienced before, very challenging to describe.  Within minutes I felt like I was in a trance.  I was in my body and yet not in my body.  The sensation of being on a rotating, movable floor began to develop.  I could feel my feet above my head and then my head above my feet.  Warm and cool sensations swam in the mix of vibration and sound and then what seemed like a blanket, enveloped me.  I felt safe, relaxed, and renewed.

When his playing came to an end, I opened my eyes and I knew I wanted to play these transformational bowls.  I had no clue when this was to happen, but I sensed it would be in the near future.

Three years later, I got my nudge to find my first bowl.  It was the sacral chakra bowl that called to me.  As I began to practice, I immediately felt another nudge to sing. First I sang notes and made different sounds.  As I progressed, I learned of mantras and bijas and incorporated those as I played.  I had a musical background, however it seemed like there were no rules when I played the bowl.  In fact a lot of what I learned in school went against my development with the bowl.  It was as if the bowls themselves guided me each step of the way into a direction to not necessarily unlearn what I knew, but to be open to playing with flexibility, impromptu, and most importantly, by listening to my intuition. Whenever my head got in the way, I could tell the difference in my playing and what information I received.  

Two more bowls found their way to me: the root and heart chakra bowls.  By that point, I wanted groups of individuals to experience what I played.  I wanted to create meditations for balance and recharging.  I wanted them to experience this mystical enlightenment even though I still had much to learn about the bowls and the process I was experiencing.  Though I feared ridicule, I did it anyway.  Wonderful feedback after the first meditation led me to host one each month, then at other locations.  More and more people wanted to receive this transformational vibration and then individuals asked me to play for private sessions and private events.

The journey with these bowls continues to evolve along with the wonderful personal growth for me and all who attend these meditations, or what I now call Crystal Sound Baths.  I am so thankful to be a part of something so ancient and so new.  I believe the healing properties of sound will eventually change what we know as our normal protocol of healing oneself.  Until then, I will continue to carry on and explore sound's most mystical properties.  Thank you for reading.          

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