Signal Hill Sound Bath 

Every 3rd Wednesday of each month, I offer a crystal sound bath from 9:30 am to 10:00 am.  This is a gift to you, the community, for all of your loving support in the past years.  I thank you whole-heartedly!

Facilitated by: Lesley Almer

When: 3rd Wednesday of each month  (weather permitting) 

Time:  9:30 am - 10:00 am

​Location:  Signal Hilltop Park

               2351 Dawson Ave.,

               Signal Hill, CA  90755

​(Corner of Dawson Ave./Skyline Drive off of Cherry Ave.)


​RSVP:  Email 

My events are designed to leave you refreshed and inspired.  Activities will include for example, hiking, sound healing, journeying, meditation, and sounding (vocal toning).  My workshops will use a variety of practical strategies to educate, assimilate, and enhance your own conscious evolution and self-renewal.  When you participate in these groups, you are allowing yourself to continue to offer your gifts to the public and operate from your highest potential.  I invite you to pause, to recharge, and to learn to give to yourself freely and lovingly.  

I look forward to recharging with you! ​

In Sound & Light,


Crystal Sound Bath on the Bluff in Long Beach, CA

Wellsprings Wellness Center

​Crystal Sound Bath

" I experienced a private session with her and I was taken to a very deep level of relaxation where I knew deep healing was occurring on a cellular level. The penetrating sounds of the bowls made me vibrate, but moreover, waves of energy seemed to move through me and open my heart center when I heard her voice. I have never experienced sound healing quite like this-- truly unique!" --Maryna Allan
"...The sound of the bowls was unlike anything I ever heard before. It was more like a wave of vibration that penetrated my ears as well as my body. I felt very comforted by the sound, like in the womb of my own body. There was singing that then put me in a sort of a good way. I had some visions of white lights, and spirals. I dont know why... When the healing was finished I could hardly move.... in a exhausting happiness. The stress from earlier in the day was erased. I was cleansed!..." --Carleigh
"This was by far the most spiritual experience I ever had. I felt Lesley's soul through her angelic voice. I was filled with gratitude to be a part of this experience. And would recommend it to anyone looking for true enlightment. Thanks and much gratitude! Namaste" --Rome
"Lesley's singing bowl meditation was a first for me and my biggest worry was whether I would get bored sitting for a whole hour. The bowls have a soothing sound but when Lesley added the vocals, I kept thinking "wow, wow, wow!!" She has an" other worldly" voice that is mesmerizing and is a perfect match for the crystal bowls. I was surprised at how the time flew by and how refreshed I felt afterward. Yes, I'm a believer in the healing power of sound. I'm hooked." --Rebecca
"my experience at Lesley's crystal bowl healing was far more than a healing or letting go of negative energy but rather a rebirth of myself. Never have I felt such powerful emotions that came about with such an enchanting voice that sung out beautiful words with true meaning. At the end of the session I was in tears. These were the tears that allowed me to release the negativity in my life and move onto a more spiritually positive path. Lesley, thank you soo very much!!" --Nicole
"I have told several people about your class and how cool I thought it was and very different from any I have experienced here. I felt like I had a complete “brain massage” afterwards and even thought our skin had a glow to it." --Lisa
"This is an experience you will never forget. It will transform you, so my suggestion, Go For It." --Barbara

Crystal Sound Bath at Whispers Yoga Studio Long Beach, CA

The REMLA Method of Sound™ 

This is my first series of crystal singing bowl workshops where you gain the knowledge of playing these extraordinary bowls, using the same self-healing techniques and guidance I intuitively received in my very first play.  At the end of this workshop, you will take with you:

-The truth about sound healing
-A taste of the mysteries of life revealed through sound
-How to work with crystal singing bowls
-Heart-based playing
-Quadrant beats© and how they create your flow
-Using your intuition to enhance your play
-Self-care for you AND the bowls
-Dependable tools to begin your own journey toward healing with crystal singing bowls

Because of the limited space, six students, it's best to register early.  There are no pre-requisites to this workshop.  Music knowledge is not required, although familiarity with the seven chakras will be helpful.  All individuals, practitioners, and professionals from all backgrounds are welcome.  I look forward to sharing this original method with you!

Long Beach, CA   (Location announced with paid registration)                                             December 8, 2018        10:00 am-2:00 pm        $183

Costa Mesa, CA    Visions & Dreams                                                                                             February 2019 (TBA)        10:30 am-2:30 pm        $233



Crystal Sound Bath at Whispers Yoga Studio 

Long Beach, CA

Crystal Sound Bath & Meditation at Visions & Dreams, Costa Mesa, CA